This page is showed my special activities while studying, working or travelling. A lot of benefit can be taken from all of our activites to evaluate to become more better and better. Every person has a special ability and different activity in his/her life. However, the problem for all people almost similar that is how to achieve the happines in their life. I believe Allah (God) had sent the messenger (Muhammad prophet) to announce and to help the people to solve their problem in their life through the Holy book (Quran).

Recite Quran and put into practice will take the happines in your life (Dunia and Akhirat).

楊梅…楊梅…Yang Mei…Yang Mei…

研究工作記錄簿 (Research Databook)

Pak Gusti dan Pak Cah

MFL Lunch

Muktamar I FORMMIT

Menanam Pohon

How to know your standard salary?

Milad BNI Syari’ah Pusat Perdana

BMI Taiwan Dirikan Yayasan Yatim Piatu

Taman Matahari – Puncak – Bogor

Mudik…. Yeeeeeeee…

Lari Pagi di Cikarang

Harapan dan Pelajaran


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